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Posted on: June 11, 2009 7:06 pm

What the hell?

I'm gone from the internet for way too long, and I come back in the brink of an outrangeous turn of events. SO do you follow soccer?, me either, but the fact is one star is getting a lot of attention these days.
Christiano Ronaldo, the posterchild of Manchester United soccer, just cut a deal with the team that was worth $130 million. Yea, but the team did not sign him to a multi-year deal, no no, this is not CC, see this wasn't even for a contract, this was just for a handshake and some rights to talk to the player to see IF Man U could sign him. This is so messed up people, with the contracts that athletes are getting these days, it makes me wonder why I gave up baseball in middle school, this is just rediculous, and by the way, where to these teams find this extra money to throw at players anyhow? it's incredible to me that we talk about a recession and here is one man getting this much money, $130,000,000 to be exact, just to have a conversation.
Maybe it's our faults as fans, because if we didn't watch, just turned our heads and forgot about these athletes, then they would go the way of the unsuccessful TV drama, to the toilet.
I wanted to ask, however, what would happen to the world if athletes stopped existing, we would suffer for a while but survive, right?
But what happens if the plumbers or farmers of the world all went on strike? We as a society would cease to exist, and would suffer immensly. So how did one soccer player get so much money?
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