Posted on: February 9, 2009 3:08 pm

NFL Draft Ideas

I would like to bring up some ideas for the NFL Draft coming, since I really need a break from the recent week of NCAA Basketball. I just want to hightlight a couple things:

1) The Detroit Lions have a lot of needs outside of QB. As far as I know, they have two first round picks, including the number one overall. Why are experts suggesting they take GA QB Stafford in the spot? Wouldn't the Lions be better off trading down to get some more first round picks or solid positions through out the draft to fill their gaps? There are numbers of QBs out there, why not get one after you've given him a team to run?

2) Both the Eagles and Giants need an impact WR in the draft. The Eagles need one, period, and only have a running back as a pass threat. If McNabb comes back, which I hope he does, he needs a target! The Giants have weapons for sure, but they struggled mightly with Burress gone. If he doesn't come back, they need to get a big wideout to fill the void.


I found it interesting how there are some 4-5 projected OT's to go in the top 10. Teams must be filling voids and there are a couple teams at the bottom that need them!

What if the Miami Dolphins drafted Percy Harvin or a Tim Tebow'esk -- Hybrid QB? I like Chad Pennington, but the idea of a Michael Vick type player in that wildcat is salivating!


Just Some thoughts, have a good day!

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