Posted on: February 11, 2009 4:23 pm

Can SU beat UCONN?

Call me crazy, call me the worlds biggest optimist, but I think they can pull out this game against UCONN. Here's how I look at it:

1) Make use of your perimeter game. SU has some great shooters from downtown and they all (Andy, Devo, Flynn especially) need to be able to knock don some jump shots and get the game going from the arc.

2) REBOUND -- for crips sakes give yourselves a fighting chance please! This is the one thing with the zone I don't like is there are so many holes for the defense to give up offensive boards, something they can't do against UCONN. The Orange have to keep the 2nd chance point to a minimum, and gobble up as many as they can. Tall task I know, but the Orange have some big bodies (AO can clear space, Harris is a beast at 6-4) they can pound with.

3) MIX up the Defense a bit. This won't happen unless the Orange get down big, but how about rotating between some full court press (not heavy, just some ball pressure with Johnny), some straight up man and then use the zone? I like zone D, I really do considering the Orange need to conserve energy for their Offense attack. Put UCONN on their heels a little and force them into mistakes!

4) This is important -- try and get Thabeet into foul trouble early and often. AO and Jackson can battle, put the pressure on UCONN to play D without the nation's best Defensive player. This way, the Orange slashers can get in the lane and do their thing within the arc too!

5) DON'T PLAY LAZY DEFENSE! This is simple but needs to be said. This leads to bigg deficits, and how have those turned out lately?


I think SU can pull out this game, they are a good team that has the talent, but they don't play well enough to show it. If they play the way they played against ND, WVU, Memphis and KU, they can do this!






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