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Posted on: July 20, 2009 6:17 pm

Let Vick Play

This whole thing has gotten out of hand. Michael Vick is a supposed icon to little kids and has done society wrong so he shouldn't play ever again because he ran a dog fighting ring. Give me a break. First, if this guy is a role model for little kids, then those kids need to be spoken to and put with a Big Brother or Sister, at least they'll teach yah to do homework.
Second, this is only a big deal cuz Vick is a professional football player, a superstar if you will. Look, his job is to play football, it's what he's good at. People deserve a right to get back on the horse and make a living, and Vick is no different.
Let Vick prove himself, no matter the bad publicity. There is no way of seeing if he can unless someone gives him that chance.
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