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Posted on: January 4, 2010 8:33 am

SU no longer Unbeaten

I am not hear to toot my own horn, it is not often I am right about things in the sport world, but SU validated my words of caution last week with a 82-72 loss to Pitt over the weekend. But let's not get too stirred up over this, it was one game, and it's a long season. But this game did prove a couple things. SU had chances, they were only outrebounded by a slim margin, they missed shots, and they had a terrible day from beyond the arc (1-13), so they had a chance. The problem was they got pushed around, bullied, and out husseled for the second straight game. They made it out of Seton Hall with a win, but not against Pitt.Jamie Dixon's team is too good, and has always seemed to have SU's number no matter the records or the players.

So let's be reminded what SU coach Jimmy Boeheim said at halftime against St. Bonevanture, this team just needs to toughen up!

This team is talented, deep, and play together. They need to battle hard and they'll be dangerous in March.

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