Posted on: February 7, 2009 1:11 pm

SU - Nova Halftime Report

53-38 at halftime, and SU only has 9 fgs! Rick Jackson has 6! It's amazing that SU has attempted 25 Free throws, but luckily they've completed 16 or 17 and that has kept them withn striking distance for the 2nd half. They just had a good point in the halftime report:

"If you wanna play well, don't play like Syracuse," whoever the comentator is today.

How in the world does Johnny Flynn not touch the ball on the last possession of the half?

Will SU get smart enough to put someone beside AO on Cunningham? He has 18pts shooting 7-8 from the field- mostly jumpers over AO's ailing knee. (Is that the answer for anyone to beat UCONN??  YES!)

SU needs some picked up D, they're being lazy. It's only 15, SU has great outside threats and if they stay awake, they can pull this off. This is BIGG!



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